Tips for Accessorizing Your Bookcase

Photo by Janice Peters, CAPID

Accessorizing your bookcase can be a lot of fun and a great way to showcase some of your favorite treasures.  Start by clearing everything off the shelves so that you have a clean slate.  Now you can be selective about what you are going to put back on the shelves and how you are going to arrange your items.

Use only hardcover books for the best display.   You will be pleasantly surprised how cohesive your book collection will look once you remove the book jackets and group them by color. Place some of the books on their side for interest.  Use a favorite pair of bookends on either side of a long row of books.

If you have several shelves to accessorize, plan on filling half of them with books and the other half with well placed decorative items like pottery, candles, pictures, art, and natural elements.

Bookcase with Accessories

Photo by Janice Peters, CAPID

Using gems and minerals on shelves with under cabinet lighting can be quite appealing. Amethyst, with its deep purple crystal points, reflects and sparkles in the light.

Incorporating  faux candles on timers, such as those found in Flameless Candles will  make your shelves glow and flicker, creating lots of interesting accent lighting.  You can set the timer to come on at dusk and they will  automatically turn off 6 hours later.

You can avoid a busy arrangement by grouping items together by color.  If you are using picture frames, keep them in the same finish like all bronze or all chrome.  Keeping the colors consistent will keep your arrangement harmonious and calm.

Probably the most important trick to an interesting design is to use items of varying heights.  For example, if you are displaying three items on one shelf, try to have them at different heights.  You can use a couple of books on their side to create “lifts” for some of the items that need a little more height.

Have fun playing around with your arrangements and add new things as you acquire them.  Once you have your bookcase looking great, it is easy to switch your treasures around as your interests change.

Contributor: Janice Peters, CAPID Member

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  1. Bob Sturgeon says:

    Nicely done Janice!

  2. Beautiful work Janice, Love your use of contrasting color & chunky scale

  3. capid says:

    I love these ideas !!! Great pictures!

  4. Love flameless candles! Any good resources for purchase?

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