Closet Valet Service!

A Personal Closet Valet

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal valet? They hold the dry cleaning until you put it away. They hold clothes as you put together your outfit for a party. The Valet Rod is a ‘must have’ closet accessory that works overtime!


The Vector Valet

The Vector Valet

Put a waterfall valet in your laundry room to hold freshly ironed shirts. Don’t forget the garage, where you’ll hang towels to dry before retracting it out of the way.  This simple rod will change your life! We all deserve a little valet service.


laundry valet

Waterfall valet Nickel finish

Grab a few!

This simple rod retracts, folds or drops out of the way when not in use, and is placed on a secure shelf or panel, allowing you to pile on the hangers! Take your time as you return your newly cleaned clothes back to their home or decide which little black dress to wear to an event.


valet rod

Aluminum Valet Brushed Nickel Finish


With a broad selection of finishes, this little tool can work it’s magic in many closet solutions. Put two in your closet so you do not have to share!

Color finishes to mathc your decor

Color finishes to match your decor



By Joanna Forbes, CAPID

(Photos: Closet Factory)