Casa del Herrero – House of the Blacksmith

After months of anticipation, a group of our members finally visited Casa del Herrero in Montecito. The docent-guided tour included a short video and touring of the house, gardens and the workshop.
Built in 1925 for George Steedman and his wife, Casa del Herreo was designed by architect George Washington Smith in a Southern Spanish – Andalusia style. The interaction between Mr. Steedman and the architect was quite interesting. Mr. Steelman was very involved in the design process. He would always compliment the architect’s design and gave his suggestions to make changes.  Everything, including the furniture, is original to the home, including some pieces crafted by Mr. Steedman. The woodwork, tile work, and metalwork are all incredible.
Since no photos were allowed inside the home and the workshop, we will share some photos from the gardens. The gardens are in the Beaux-Arts style. (There are 13 criteria for a Beaux-Arts garden.)

IMG_9620 IMG_9624 IMG_9629 IMG_9633 IMG_9634 IMG_9644 IMG_9662 IMG_9671 IMG_9673 IMG_9680 IMG_9688 IMG_9700 IMG_9707 IMG_9711 IMG_9714 IMG_9721 IMG_9732 IMG_9734 IMG_9737 IMG_9740 IMG_9752

We were touched by how Mr. Steedman had thoughtfully designed many details of the estate. One example is the space in the workshop for Mrs. Steedman to work on flowers. It was a way for the two of them to spend more time together. Casa del Herrero is a wonderful place to visit in the Santa Barbara area.


contributed by Michelle Chiang, CAPID, NKBA

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  1. Great, compelling photos, Michelle. I’m so glad you felt the tour was worth the wait (because CAPID really did end up having to reschedule a time or two before we got you here!).

    We so appreciate your sharing your positive impressions with colleagues and cohorts: The more people who learn about the Casa, the more likely we are to develop a strong core of loyal supporters who understand the importance of preserving this significant estate as a slice of living history.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm!

    Susannah Gordon
    Visitor & Volunteer Coordinator
    Casa del Herrero

    • Michelle Chiang says:


      Sorry for the late reply. We had a wonderful time and would recommend Casa del Herrero to our friends and families. Thank you for all the hard work preserving the beautiful and historical landmark.

      Michelle Chiang

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