“Mad” for Design – Modernism at the Museum

Exploring Modernism

Some of our members recently attended the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts (LACMA) exhibition, “California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way” which explores California’s role as an influence in the design culture of the United States. A fun day was had by all as we saw hundreds of items from furniture to fashion, ceramics to metalwork, as well as architectural and graphic design. We recognized similar mid-century modern objects from the TV drama “Mad Men” which also portrays the changing moods and social customs of the 1960s.

The exhibit depicted things that helped define the “California style” as good design in a more relaxed and laid-back Modernism. We saw evidence of how architects and designers of this era were influenced by the new-found interest in the power of nuclear energy, the space race, digital computers and antibiotics.

So why is it important for present day designers to view exhibits like this? It helps us maintain a working knowledge of historical styles so we can better meet the needs of our clients.  It gives us an opportunity outside of running our respective businesses to discuss design in a new and fresh way. Like the modernism designers, it encourages us to aim towards improving the lives of others – functionally, culturally and intellectually.

Plus it gives us an excuse to get away for a fabulous lunch at restaurants such as the Campanile!

Click on Virginia’s VIDEO below to see us in action!

Contributor: Angela Radley, CAPID Member
Photos and video by: Virginia T. Dudasik, CAPID Member