Placing A Grand Piano

A grand piano in a room immediately adds elegance. Let’s look at different ways to place a grand piano in a room.

It is important to know what kind of care a piano needs. Steinway has posted some clear instructions on their website. Here are some important room conditions to consider before figuring out the placement for the piano:

Controlled temperature and humidity: The most favorable environment for your piano is a relative humidity ranging between 45% and 70% with a constant temperature of approximately 20˚C. Sudden fluctuations in temperature must be avoided as the tuning and regulation might be influenced negatively.
Never in direct sunlight: preferably against the inside wall of a room and not close to windows and outside doors. Sunlight fades and dries out the wood.
Never next to stoves, radiators, fireplaces, or heating outlets: heat will dry out and damage the wood.
Never in front of, on top of, or under air vent!

With a grand piano, some people prefer looking at the keyboard end while others like the side the lid opens to or the ‘tail’ end. Most of the time, we are limited in the ways we can place the piano due to the room layout. The top should always open into the room for the best acoustics.

Here are some photos from HOUZZ as visual aids.

These two photos show the pianos facing different sides to the seating arrangement. It is not preferred to have the piano next to the fireplace, but it is not a problem if the fireplace is not being used.


Some people like having accessories on the piano. But it implies the instrument is not frequently used. A grand piano looks the best with its lid open.


With bookshelves around the piano to hold the music books, it is convenient.

If the area has a high ceiling, add some soft, sound-absorbing surface material to soften the sound.


Theses two photos showing creating an alcove for the piano. This makes the pianist feel important. When not in use, the grand piano is like an art piece being showcased.

Sometimes, the stairway frames out the best location for the piano.

It is important to have 2′ – 3′ for the chair in front of the piano. A pianist may prefer to be facing or have his/her side to the audience. For a solo performer, it is important to engage the audience.