The Sandy Garrett Scholarship


October 23, 1947 – December 12, 2003

In tribute to a longstanding member of our organization, the Conejo Association of Professional Interior Designers established The Sandy Garrett Scholarship in 2004 to be awarded annually to an outstanding student of Interior Design at Moorpark College.

Sandy Garrett was a dynamic part of our organization for many years. She was very dear to our hearts, both as a friend and a consummate design professional. It was her personal goal in our organization to establish a scholarship program for the encouragement of professional education of interior designers. This project only became a reality after her untimely death.

We have realized this goal and have awarded yearly scholarships based on a review of student projects at Moorpark College by our membership. Scholarship winners have been invited to become Student Members of our organization, fulfilling one of our membership goals: to nurture and educate aspiring students in our profession.

Past recepients and current members for the Sandy Garrett Scholarships are:

  • Joanna Forbes
  • Kim Knight
  • Fariba Molavi
  • Alicia Paley
  • Nadia Startseva
  • Victoria Stoehr