What are the newest color trends?

design trends - Neutral

Jackie Rosenthal, CAPID

Color Trends in Design

Color! Residential color palettes follow fashion, and there are two definite design trends where today’s color is concerned:

First – Be bold!!! Don’t be afraid to use bright, beautiful color in paints and materials. Color can define our world with an optimistic outlook of vitality. Paint is the quickest and least expensive way to incorporate this trend.

Second –Neutral is not boring!! We are seeing all white kitchens with less contrast in the palette. However, a great look combines the two: punches of color in a clean white space.

In the past, our Conejo Valley clients have preferred more traditional interiors, but these days, the style is moving toward lighter, brighter, less cluttered spaces that have a contemporary feel.

Contributor: CAPID Members             Edited by: Joanne MacCallum, CAPID


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