Rustic Interior Design Styles Shared By WALKER ZANGER

Rustic Interior Design Using Aged & Weathered Styles

WALKER ZANGER shares their blog #Blendart

The gorgeous chandelier adds a glamorous touch to the vintage and rustic interior design style in this space. Tell us: how do you add sparkle to your designs? #Blendart

Rustic Interior Design


We love the look of the rustic, vintage wood flooring in this classic bedroom. Paired here with #Blendart, Mix Grey.

Aged Interior Design


Mosaic Monday… Industrial Chic.
#Blendart #WZNewCollection #MosaicMonday — with Blendart Natural White, Blendart Mix Grey, Blendart Grey and Blendart Black.

Weathered Interior Design


#Blendart comes in a variety of finishes to add the perfect drop of vintage into any design. We love the way Blendart, White tile pairs with this kitchen.

Rustic Interiour Design Styles


This rustic-looking area certainly brings the look of reclaimed wood to this bar. Paired here with our #Blendart Black tile, we are invited to pull up a chair enjoy our surroundings.

Rustic Interiour Design Styles


The worn and lovely look of vintage barn wood is authentically reproduced in our new #Blendart Collection. Use it in any space, indoors or out, and bring the look of reclaimed wood to your project, while enjoying the unmatched durability of porcelain tile.

vintage barn wood


It’s all in the details….

Aged Design Style


Call it what you will…..”distressed”. . . . .”aged”. . . . “weathered”
It’s what gives this vintage barn that #Blendart look.Weathered Design Style


Since #Blendart is a durable porcelain, it can be incorporated in outdoor spaces just beautifully. We can envision it in this outdoor patio with minimal maintenance and pure practicality.

outdoor spaces design


Well we can definitely help you with the walls and floor in your rustic bathroom with our new #BlendArt but that petrified wood hanging counter…….just breathtaking. #Welovewoodtoo #WalkerZanger



rustic bathrooms


Contributed by CAPID member Kim Bernard

Executive Director Facilities Design at Walker Zanger