CAPID Designers Interview: Pamela Sandall

CAPID designers welcome Pamela Sandall, with Pamela Sandall Design to the conversation.

Pamela Sandall Design

Pamela Sandall Design


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Welcome Pamela,

Did you always want to be an Interior Designer? 

I like to share that I designed my first home when I was eight years old.  It was for Malibu Barbie.  She was an easy client.  Quiet.  Didn’t complain.  Actually more of clothes horse than a “housie” so it worked out well.  While true, the more serious answer is that yes, creating the perfect home was sort of my life’s goal.  (yes, there is a backstory!)  Now, helping clients to create the perfect nesting place is my life’s dream.

How long have you been in the design industry?

I’ve been in the home fashions business for over 25 years.  I’ve been in private practice for 13 years.

Let’s get real…what is your home’s secret shame?

Oh ugh.  Orange Oak.  Lots and lots of orange oak.  You remember the 80’s right?  When we moved into our home, my husband comment how ‘pristine’ it all was.  And it is.  It was a retiree’s home so it looks just as perfectly peachy as it did in 1989.  Paint cans pending.

Who is your favorite celebrity designer?

The Original.  Ms. Dorothy Draper.  The Doyenne of Design.

Whose home would you give up a year’s worth of mani-pedi’s to decorate?

Wow.  P!NK.  Power music.  Rockin’ woman.  How fun would THAT be?

Where do you find your design inspirations?

I find inspiration in my clients dreams as corny as that sounds.   I once designed a living room around a climbing structure.  Why?  Because my clients wanted their grandson to have fun when he came to visit.  THAT inspires me.

What is your favorite design job ever and why?

(see previous answer!!!)

Most over-used design term?

“Pop” of color.  Yeesh.  WAY overused.

Do you have a favorite “go-to” paint color right now?

I love Sherwin Williams Rainwashed.  Perfect shade of soft blue.  Not too green, not too grey.


What is the most unique project you’ve ever done?

I had the pleasure of doing a 100K square foot retirement home from the sheetroc stage.  I picked every surface, every upholstery fabric, designed several pieces of furniture, designed a library, decorated an activity lounge for each season.  It was amazing!  I even did the holiday décor for the entire building.


What is your favorite vacation spot?

Ahhhh Paris.  Best.  Trip.  Ever.

paris pink lane

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White versus Wood – Where are kitchen cabinets headed?

White vs Wood Kitchen Cabinets: by Pamela Sandall, Pamela Sandall Design

kitchen colors white vs stain

Try Googling this question, “white versus wood-tone cabinets”, grab a cup of coffee and hang on! The comments, the opinions and the photographs are un-ending. In prepping for this month’s article, I did some research. On a discussion board from 2008, one poster shared that white kitchens were “overdone” and “on their way out”. Well, that was 9 years ago and I can safely tell you that they are NOT on their way out and have never left. White kitchens are, and continue to be the most requested, most “pinned”, most preferred kitchen cabinet color.   The number one kitchen on Houzz for several years is a lovely white kitchen with light counters and backsplash. Does this mean you can’t select a wood-tone? Absolutely not! The options in kitchen cabinetry are endless. The choice for cabinetry in your kitchen, and to a lesser degree in your bathroom, comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. The bigger factor, in this designer’s opinion, is less about the color and more about the cohesive package of your home.

And if you’re interested in the kitchen color from a resale perspective, I would suggest the color of kitchen cabinets play nicely with the rest of the home. Home buyers want a neutral, but well coordinated look. Keep the style and color of the cabinets as consistent as possible throughout the home and pay attention to the style. A highly contemporary kitchen in a strictly traditional home, will look out of place and out of character.

It’s easy to add color to the walls of a white kitchen as virtually any shade works. The number one selection in kitchen appliances is stainless steel and white works well with stainless. White visually expands a space and gives a lighter, airier feel. If your tastes run to the traditional, you might prefer the timeless quality of white kitchen. That said, even if you love a sleek and modern kitchen, there is a white for you. And white need not be just white: you might consider creams or beige or soft grey. An antiquing glaze over a creamy hue, adds and elegant or rustic flair AND covers hand prints.


Kathy Jarvis Interior Design & Consultation

On the other hand the wood-tone kitchen has so many options to choose from. From rich and warm espresso stains to contemporary dark to warm maple, wood cabinets are still a popular option. You can select a rich wood and bring in saturated hues on the walls or allow the wood to sing and go neutral on your walls. If you’ve opted to buck the trend in stainless appliances and want to go black, contemporary black cabinetry is a great and modern option. For a softer compromise, a warm maple cabinet is beautiful and allows the natural wood to show without too much of that grainy look (remember orange-y oak?) that many don’t like.

Dark and Contemporary

Pamela Sandall Design

Maple and Modern Kitchen

Pamela Sandall Design

Another current and popular option?   Mix up your finishes.  A center island looks great in a different hue AND you can use the second wood-tone to tie together existing woods in your home such as flooring and window & door trims.

Westside Remodeling, Bob Sturgeon

Ultimately? Your kitchen remodel will probably be the most expensive, but best remodeling investment you make on your home. Don’t fall victim to trends. Make your kitchen something you love and will love for a very long time. Decide if you are traditional, cottage country or contemporary and plan accordingly. Unless you’re doing a complete home remodel, your kitchen should fit the style and mood of your home. In the designer’s opinion, the most important is that you love your kitchen!