Curb Appeal Counts!

A home’s curb appeal has a big impact on potential buyers.  It often makes the difference between driving past the house and checking out the interior.  It is important to make a successful first impression.

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Refresh the exterior paint color!  Look to the color palettes of the surrounding homes. This is what will appeal to the majority of buyers.  Choose a color that complements the roof color or any exposed stone or brick.  Add interest and charm with an accent color for the front door and trim.

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Mind your driveway and walkways! Make necessary repairs and keep them clear of bicycles, toys, and trash cans.  Keep the lawn routinely mowed, and flower beds free of weeds and overgrown plantings.  Add fresh plants and flowers for a burst of color.

Details matter! Replace the front door hardware if it has seen better days.  Repair or replace the outdoor lighting fixtures and the broken doorbell.  Be certain the house number is visible and the front door mat is in excellent condition.  Finally, have your windows and screens professionally cleaned.

It doesn’t matter how beautifully staged the interior is if the exterior is not inviting.  Don’t let potential buyers look beyond your house and go to your competition.  First impressions are lasting impressions.

Contributors: CAPID Members Angela Radley and Jackie Rosenthal

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